One M or two Ls or…

One M or two Ls or…

The problem with the Emanuelle softcore flicks is that there are a lot of them, and depending on how they spell the E-name they are either stylized smut movies with good production values and an inordinate amount of time devoted to people talking about sex, or they are horrible smut movies with zero production values and a less ordinate amount of time devoted to people talking about sex.

Erotic Daughters of Emmanuelle (1974) is in the second category. A Nobel Prize-winning scientist goes semi-berserk after an encounter with a maid who is kind enough to wear nothing but a pleasant expression, and he uses the Nobel cash to buy himself a chunk of France and invite all his pervert pals to come over, drink a little vino, ride the horses, and go scrumping.

The exciting thing about this flick is that nothing makes any sense, except the scrumping. And even that is semi-dubious.

Supposedly John Holmes is in this somewhere, but I fell asleep about halfway through and didn’t bother to go back.

I’ve seen sexier sneaker ads. Avoid.

One coil.

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