Dragnet ’67 — The Triumph of the Square

Dragnet ’67 — The Triumph of the Square

It was 3:15 p.m. and I’d stopped in at the library. On a table were DVDs and a sign — “All DVDs and CDs $1.”

I grabbed some spaghetti westerns, some Italian mob flicks — and a box set of “Dragnet 1967.”

The first episode, about LSD, was a real historical artifact. Sgt. Friday and Officer Gannon couldn’t arrest this kid “Blue Boy” because LSD wasn’t illegal — yet.

So when they found him with his face painted half blue, half yellow, with his head in an anthill, all they could do was take him home to his unappreciative parents.

Some months later they get some action from the legislature, and they go after Blue Boy. Alas, he’s gone on The Last Trip.

That’s just the beginning…

SEE! Jack Webb’s curious gait, in which he walks without moving his UPPER BODY!

THRILL! To Harry Morgan’s high roll three-button sack suit — with TWIN VENTS!

GASP! At the tripster with his head stuck — in an ACTUAL ANTHILL!

WONDER! At Sgt. Friday wearing the same grey jacket for weeks on end — even to a NEO-NAZI’S SECRET LAIR!

This is tremendous stuff. Robbers who only hold up candy stores, a rich lady who tries to defraud the insurance company when her “imperial jade” is stolen, criminals in sports jackets.

Four unabashed coils.

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