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Select Something Else

This might be creepy if the flick wasn’t so stupid

Natural Selection” (aka “The Monster Hunter”) is an indie attempt at a serious black comedy about serial killers.

David Carradine is Louis Dehoven, a cross between Fox Mulder and the Exorcist, and he has a good time being weird and sticking stakes in corpses.

See, there’s a serial killer loose in a small Texas town. He cuts off his victims heads, adds postage, and sticks them in the mailbox. Why? Because, hey, he works for the Postal Service!


The flick is part mockumentary, part warped procedural, and mostly tedious. All the bits have promise, and all of them fail due to the “Saturday Night Live” effect (i.e. not knowing when enough is enough).

It’s the latest $1 item from my new source of bad cinema, the Douglas Library in North Canaan, Conn.

No breasts (automatic one coil deduction). A pint of blood, maybe. Scenery chewing. Flagellating. Quick demon scenes. At best, mildly amusing.

One coil.

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