Woodland Valley — pre-stocking report, May 2-3, 2015

Woodland Valley — pre-stocking report, May 2-3, 2015

Greetings —

The brook looked in fine shape Saturday and Sunday, May 2-3, running at about 40 cfs, a little under the median flow.

I saw nothing in the Gillespie-Botchford pool except a half-dozen suckers Saturday, which were gone Sunday. The nymph clinic stretch, across from Nakamoto’s, looks flatter to me — not as many big rocks in there.

I got as far as the Colony pool.

Encouraged by reports of goodish rainbows in the brook, I had high hopes for the weekend.

But the only fish I caught was in the public stretch, half way between Herdman Road and the USGS gauge pull-off.

This was a decent, healthy brown of about 14 inches, who took a beadhead Prince (size 14) as the bottom fly of a three-fly rig.

It was also the first serious fish I have caught with a new 10-foot, four weight rod I took a chance on. (Another $150 special.)

Driving over to Woodland from Pantherkill Sunday night, I spotted some nice-looking water in the public area just downstream from the Woodland Trout Fund water. I snapped a few photos while down in there.

Still didn’t see any trout, though. There was a sporadic Hendrickson-ish hatch going on, but no surface action. I didn’t eve see shapes darting away when I waded right in.

That doesn’t mean the fish aren’t there. It just means I can’t see them.

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