Unsolicited testimonial dept. — Dollar Shave Club

Unsolicited testimonial dept. — Dollar Shave Club

shave 2

I was tired of shelling out $20 or so for a pack of five Gillette Mach 3 blades, so I succumbed to the frequent blandishments of the Dollar Shave Club.

This was about 18 months ago.

The “dollar” part refers to the twin blade cartridges that are, indeed $1 for five. Plus $2 for shipping. But “Three Dollar Shave Club” doesn’t look right, somehow.

They also sell a shave butter ($8 for six ounces) and a moisturizer ($9 for 3.4 ounces).

The blades work very well. Too well. I shave daily, except for times of special revelry, and I have to remind myself to change the blades. Even so, I have a 20-blade stockpile.

The shave butter is good. If you are used to shaving cream or gel the lack of suds may throw you. Be sure to leave the stuff on for a minute or two, to allow it to soak in.

The real star of the show is the moisturizer, however. I have ruddy skin, and suffer from razor burn. This stuff nips such problems in the bud.

Everything comes monthly, and you can modify your order. Everything also comes with Ye Olde Authentic Hipster Ironic Iconic Heritage Artisanal packaging, which is semi-amusing if you’re in a good mood.


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