Five species day

Five species day

I caught five different species of fish Wednesday, Aug. 5.

This is not unprecedented, but it is unusual. Where I live in Northwest Connecticut, I have access to rivers of all sizes, from the Housatonic and Farmington to tiny brook trout streams that don’t even have names.

And my family has a summer camp on a warm water lake, which I fish from a pontoon boat.

So on Aug.5, after spending an hour trying to remember how to assemble the boat, I caught largemouth bass, crappie and either bluegill or pumpkinseed, I can never remember which is which

.IMG_0403 IMG_0405 IMG_0407

Then, in the evening on the Housatonic, at the end of the famous white fly hatch, I caught one rainbow trout and innumerable smallmouth bass. If I’d coaxed up a brown trout, that would have been a double hat trick!

Or something


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