Savagely Boring

Savagely Boring

“Savage Weekend” is an extremely tedious exploitation film made for about $38 in 1979. Apart from four breasts, there isn’t much here except for William Sanderson as “Otis.”

Sanderson plays the same role he always does, except usually his character is named “Cooter.”

Death by hanging, hat pin, electrocution, blunt force trauma and chain saw. Bulletin: People in upstate New York are violent goobers who listen to Jeezus radio and don’t like gay guys in their bars. Frolicking in the fields, which in the age of Lyme disease is probably a thing of the past. Long soliloquies by Cooter in a graveyard. Boat-building.

Boring. No coils. Not even Mystery Science Theater could save this.

Clockwise from top left: Gay guy mops up goobers in bar, says “Not for nothing was I brought up in the South Bronx;” Bad guy with machete trying to kill goober as Cooter approaches with chain saw; sleazy guy with cute girl in bulrushes, giving the scene a slightly Biblical feel; tempting fate by getting nekkid in a field that is probably full of ticks.

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