Buncho Flicks, Fall 2018

Buncho Flicks, Fall 2018



My annual fishing week in the Catskills got rained out, so I am slowly working my way through the stack of crappy DVDs I bought for comic relief in the Land of No Internet or Cable.

Let’s get started:

The Hooker Cult Murders (aka The Pyx) is a semi-police procedural and about one-quarter devil movie. It is also shot in the dark and there are no subtitles for the French parts.

The idea of the leader of a devil cult with a madam on the payroll for the human sacrifices and whatnot is solid enough, but this flick goes back and forth with flashbacks and jump cuts and overlapping dialogue and a bunch of other artsy stuff that makes me suspect that someone was trying to make a SERIOUS FILM and not an excuse to see the immortal Karen Black nekkid.

Which we do, sort of. Does a see-thru nighty count?

Anyhoo, this is pretty damn boring and unless you have a really strong feeling about the immortal Karen Black, I’d give it a miss.


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