Bazongas, Buttondowns and Brown Trout

Coiled Pleasures started as a lark in 2007, on Google’s Blogger service.

It went through a football handicapping phase, now mercifully abandoned, and made a few other detours until it settled into the three topics of most interest to the small, peculiar audience — exploitation films, traditional American men’s clothing, and fly-fishing.

Some busybody flagged CP and it carried a warning for several years, which I found rather endearing, frankly. The idea that a fuzzy still from a movie showing a woman’s breasts could be offensive when anyone can use, well, Google to find instantly images of compete and utter depravity seemed silly, at best.

But then the High Sheriffs (thank you, Joe Bob Briggs) decided to clamp down on subversive bloggers like yours truly.

So I am shifting the movie reviews, which take the most time and thought, over here. I probably won’t bother with the clothing and trout stuff since that’s all pretty much the same.

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