Death Race 2000 — Iron Coil winner

Death Race 2000 — Iron Coil winner

I’d forgotten just how goofy Death Race 2000 is — from the dorky, smarmy TV announcer to the ridiculous cars to “Mr. President,” the cult of personality star with no apparent personality.

David Carradine was El Rey de Queso, no doubt. And Roger Corman certainly had a good time making this thing.

Leonard Maltin (between us, he’s a bit of an anal probe) has a pretty good interview with the master on the DVD. A fair bit of Death Race 2000‘s predictions have come true: cult of personality, post-Constitutional country obsessed with violent entertainment, and a constant state of war. Not bad for low-budget satire.

And let’s not forget the horror — of Carradine in his underwear, and Sly Stallon in a pink necktie and Speed Racer brand leisure suit.

Immortal, and the winner of an Iron Coil.

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