Bite Me — Please

Bite Me — Please


Tell the truth — would you throw her out of bed for eating crackers, or small animals?

“My Mom’s a Werewolf” (1989) is a perfectly foul made-for-TV (and/or straight-to-VHS) flick that has very little to recommend it except for the presence of Susan Blakely as Mom.

No nekkidity, alas, but who wouldn’t take a shot at her? (Assuming you can get around that hair and fangs deal.)

Working out the angles is always the toughest part of home dentistry

Imagine inquiring about lycanthropy in addition to sexually-transmitted diseases, prior to jumping in the sack with someone?

I used to date a girl who looked like this — on purpose.

High 1980s hair. Bad pleated acid-washed 1980s jeans. Toe-sucking. Toe-biting. John Saxon taking a break from harassing Jim Rockford. Ruth Buzzi chewing the crystal ball as a gypsy fortune teller. John Schuck wearing an expression that says “I would rather be doing summer stock.”

One coil.

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