Nine Songs, Nine Sex Scenes, Big Whoop

Nine Songs, Nine Sex Scenes, Big Whoop

“Nine Songs” (2004) is a weird little pseudo-porn flick about two dull young people who hang around at rock and roll shows and screw a lot. In between the filmmakers throw in a lot of stuff about Antarctica. There is some boring dialogue that’s probably supposed to be existential, some okay-to-mediocre live footage of bands like The Von Bondies and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and some explicit sex scenes between the cute girl and the rather greasy guy.

If there’s a point to it beyond titillation, or promoting the bands (most of whom have faded into oblivion now, six years later) I can’t see it.

And if you want a fuck flick you can easily find one that doesn’t have long glacier sequences.

Two coils for the sex, but it’s really not much of a show.

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