Sidewalks of Boredom

Sidewalks of Boredom


Yoko, as “Eva.” There is nothing else to say.

The more I see of his works, the more I realize that Jean Rollin is the worst director in the world, Zombie Lake notwithstanding.

Sidewalks of Bangkok popped up on the Netflix streaming service, so I watched it. Later I discovered it was streaming for free on Amazon Prime.

I wish I had watched it there. Free is better than the 38 cents or whatever I was charged.

In the flick, some French secret agent has a tube with a deadly chemical weapon in it. He gives it to an exotic dancer named Eva. Eva is played by a woman named Yoko. She is very fit and writhes around a lot.

Then some bad people show up and they want the tube too.

Then there are some scenes of ships and streets and airplanes and exotic dancers and people having cocktails.

Keeping the pulse throbbing throughout is some real toe-tappin 1980s lounge music.

This film is a real piece of crap — even for Rollin.

WHat amazes me is that anyone ever gave the man any money to make movies. He must have been quite the Svengali. Or maybe he was an extortionist.

Anyhoo, don’t waste your time on this turkey. It doesn’t even rate half a coil.

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