Unsolicited testimonial dept. — Comcast customer service

Unsolicited testimonial dept. — Comcast customer service

I loathe Comcast. Their service is expensive, chock full of crap no sentient human being could possibly endure for more than two minutes, and their politics odious. I think cable TV monopolies are ripe for some serious reform, and I confidently expect that absolutely nothing will happen on that front. Television as such is on the way out anyway, or so they tell me.

With that out of the way, I recently asked Comcast to send me a new cable box because the old one was ten years old and acting up. Also I saw my mother’s new one, and it was nice and small.

So I called and got a very nice lady who got it right away and said the new gizmo would arrive in a plain wrapper in three or four days. And it did.

I got it plugged in, and it didn’t work right. I logged into the website, which is confusing because the company can’t decide if it is Comcast or Xfinity or what. I tried a troubleshooting thing and that didn’t work either.

So I went fishing.

When I got back I dialed up the live chat, figuring that would be better than trying to talk on the phone while squinting at the box, trying to read the serial number.

The enthusiastic Kerwin was on the other end! He likes exclamation points!

He also got it sorted in about five minutes.

So although I will not concede a fraction of an iota of an inch on my disdain for Comcast, they do hire good service people.old boxCrappy old box

new box

Exciting and vibrant new box

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