Hannibal’s Antlers

Hannibal’s Antlers

The NBC horror show “Hannibal” ran three seasons and was cancelled without my noticing it.

But there’s something about having a stubborn head cold that makes damn near anything on a streaming service attractive. So I watched the first two seasons of “Hannibal” and am three or four episodes into the third.

I’m a big fan of Hannibal Lecter, Will Graham, Jack Crawford and the rest of the gang, so I was curious as to how this network production would stack up against the movies.

Answer: So-so.

(From top left: Will and his wimpy permabeard; Hannibal as dressed by the denizens of Style Forum; oh, great, it’s another antler scene)

The show gets off to a solid if somewhat stately start. But after a while a pattern emerges. Will goes off into la-la land, and grows antlers. Hannibal prepares food while wearing plaid suits, extreme spread collar shirts and ties with gigantic Windsor knots.

Also Will has discovered how to always have eight days’ worth of beard. Never more, never less.

By the time I got to season three I was thoroughly sick of the entire thing and my cold is done.

So I think I am going to leave Hannibal in Italy.

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