COVID-19 Relief Package

COVID-19 Relief Package

It would be nice to report on all the wonderful movies and television shows I discovered during the pandemic.


A short grab bag of recent suckiness:

“The American Side” — Neo-noir starring Buffalo and a bunch of people I never heard of. Involves some kind of conspiracy involving Nikola Tesla. I gave it a solid 20 minutes and it failed to grip.

“Dahmer” (Netflix series) — Episode one covers when Jeffrey Dahmer gets arrested. Excellently creepy scene leading up to arrest. But what are they going to do for the rest of it? Answer: Lotsa flashbacks about how it’s someone else’s fault JD turned into a cannibal. Pass.

“Darby and Joan” (UK TV) — Highly irritating load of shite about some dopey woman who goes to Australia to try and figure what happened to someone. Features the worst fly-casting ever shown on screen. One episode and out.

Amazon’s “Some Kind of Hobbit Shit” — OK, they are promoting the hell out of it, let’s have a look. Oh it’s a Diversity ad. Maybe they’ll get super transgressive and lob a black Viking in the mix. Oh wait…

I can’t find the coil photos so taken together these add up to one full coil.

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