Death Wish Italian-style

Death Wish Italian-style

In “Street Law,” the immortal Franco Nero plays Carlo, a mild-mannered engineer with a cheesy mustache and a penchant for turtlenecks who gets in the middle of a bank hold-up, with grim results.

His girlfriend, Barbara, played by Lady Starkey (aka Mrs. Ringo Starr aka Barbara Bach) is no help, so he does the obvious thing, which is to blackmail another crook into getting guns and the identities of the bad guys.

After many missteps and a lot of bad driving, Carlo and his now-buddy Tommy track down the bad guys and everybody except Carlo dies.

Unlike Charles Bronson’s Paul Kersey character in the “Death Wish” movies, Carlo weeps a lot. It is irritating.

This flick is mildly entertaining for all the wrong reasons, most of them concerning men’s clothing. You couldn’t throw a brick in Italy in the 1970s without clobbering some poor chump wearing some kind of double-breasted curtain sample and nut-cracker trousers.

Just the thing for a cold afternoon in the Catskills when it’s too windy to fish.

I can’t remember if there is any nudity. Probably some, but not memorable. It’s certainly no “Deathstalker II” in that regard.

Two coils.


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