Fashion Week in Milan

Fashion Week in Milan

Milan, Italy, not Milan, N.Y.

Just wanted to make that clear.

Fortunately the dog-ass New York Times was on the scene, providing these photos for people like me to make fun of.

Some great looks here:

The Ritalin Look, The 12 More Shades of Grey Look

22scene-brioni-slide-0WIG-jumbo 22scene-brioni-slide-H6HY-jumbo

The Lost in the Sewer Look; the Tubeway Army Look

22scene-brioni-slide-KF43-jumbo 22scene-brioni-slide-UCAY-jumbo

The Dubious Proposition Look; The “Do You Think They Know We’re Vampires?” Look

22scene-brioni-slide-Z5J6-jumbo 22scene-brioni-slide-ZEU2-jumbo

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