Demons Galore! A 1990s Retrospective

Demons Galore! A 1990s Retrospective

Of the many things that were awful about the late 1980s and early 1990s, let us consider the “Witchcraft” films, and the many attempts to replicate “Animal House.”

“Witchcraft II: The Roman Numerals Begin” (aka “Witchcraft II: The Temptress”) features a threadbare plot about witchcraft, stupid teenagers, and Delia Sheppard as The Temptress, who anticipates Miley Cyrus in the final scene by twerking, insofar as twerking is possible while casting evil spells and clad in a tight dress and garter belt.

It takes an awful long time for the Temptress’ dress to come undone. A competent temptress could have seduced an entire regional school district in the time it takes this gal to throw some pixie dust on a dopey parent.

Nice incestuous touches though, and high-waisted jeans.


“Fraternity Demon” answers the question “What happens if you chant ancient spells during a frat party?”

Why, a scantily-clad female demon shows up.

Depending on your level of intoxication, this can go either way. The stone-cold sober computer nerd  gets yanked by his crank, if you get my drift. So from his point of view…

But fun-loving Tony has the time of his mortal life, in an extended scene  underneath Isha, the demon (played in a rather detached manner by the immortal Trixxie Bowie).

This scene has some wonderful dialogue:

Isha: More? More?

Tony: Uggh. Aagh.

Isha: Oh, oh, oh. It’s been centuries.

Tony: Grrr. Uggh.

Isha: (Wriggling) More? More?


So while the Witchcraft flick accurately captures some of the horror of the time — the feathered hair, the acid-washed denim — the makers of “Fraternity Demon” actually thought about their movie a little.

One coil for the former, and three for the latter.


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