Lackluster “Gorgon” Drives Men Crazy

Lackluster “Gorgon” Drives Men Crazy


You know you’ve got a stinker on your hands when the argument starts about what Medusa’s sisters were named.

That is the case with a 1964 Hammer film, “The Gorgon,” which fails to grip despite starring the dynamic duo of Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

I watched it with my friend Steve, who is precisely the sort of person who is going to say “Wait a minute, I don’t remember a Gorgon named Megaera.”

He did get off a good one, as the dopey hero goes back to the evil castle where he has already been zapped by the Gorgon once.

“Well, that’s a gorgone conclusion,” said Steve, planting his feet on the coffee table and looking pleased with himself.


That’s as good as it got.

Two coils, for good atmosphere and snaky-headed Gorgon.705c3-two

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