Another look at The Slumber Party Massacre

Another look at The Slumber Party Massacre




Now in glorious Blu-Ray, “The Slumber Party Massacre” demonstrates, once again, why it is vitally important to keep a neat tool bench.

Why is it of vital importance?

Because you never know when a fiend armed with a drill with a very large bit will crash your slumber party and require repelling.

The Blu-Ray edition of Amy Jones’ 1982 slasher classic has some very amusing interviews that make the claim that the flick is much smarter than it appears to be.

This is a little like the fellow who said the music of Richard Wagner isn’t as bad as it sounds.

The screenplay was written by Rita Mae Brown, a minor feminist figure of sorts who writes mysteries to pay the bills.

(These are the “Mrs. Murphy” mysteries, featuring a postmistress and a cat. I have not delved into the series, though I think I’m on safe ground when I say they don’t involve driller killers.)

Ultimately the bl — er, credit for TSPM goes to Roger Corman.

Which means whatever subtle nuances were built into the original story were pretty much obliterated by the need for blood and mayhem and of course gratuitous female nekkidity.

Indeed, before the party has even started there are eight breasts and two butts.

The breast total winds up at 11, by the way. (The odd number reflects a couple of profile shots and one grope.)

There are a few moments of slapstick that almost work, but for the most part, the best you can say is that TSPM is a competent piece of low-budget moviemaking.

In the exciting interview extra, actor Michael Villella, who played the killer Russ Thorn, wears an ascot and a sort of smoking jacket and talks about how as a Method actor he brought the part to life, enduring cold swimming pools and other indignities.

This is almost as good as the film itself.

Summary: Eleven breasts, two nekkid butts (in shower). Tight pants on everyone, even the killer. Gravity-defying 1980s hair, also on everyone. Many many many “Oh don’t open the door” moments. Corpse in refrigerator. Death by pizza delivery. Post-mortem pizza eating. A paltry two quarts of blood. Dramatic piano playing by heroine. Discussion of Los Angeles Dodgers roster.  Girl’s basketball. Playgirl magazine. Stupid creepy next-door neighbor. Almost everybody dies. Magic portable drill that never needs charging. Short.

Everybody should see “The Slumber Party Massacre.” And hardly anyone will want to see it twice, glorious Blu-ray or not.


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