Butthurt Alert!

Butthurt Alert!

The American left never misses a chance to act like brainless little twerps. Here are some examples from the Soros gang in reaction to the election of Donald Trump.

(Hey, is George paying that $15 an hour wage yet?)

Brilliant Strategy Department:

Nothing persuades people to rally to your cause like…

Delaying them for hours on the way home from work.

Work. Employment. You know — that thing the people who pay the taxes do while you plan your protests.




Those fall evenings are pretty chilly, so you’ll want to start a cheery blaze.



One surefire way to get street cred — and maybe get a gig as a protest coordinator — is to get in a cop’s face. Be sure to have your friends close by to capture the special moment when the dedicated public servant decides he’s had enough.

I wonder if this representative of the cisgender patriarchy realizes he’s oppressing a minority?



Rules for weenie radicals: Always show the courage of your convictions by wearing a mask.

(And for God’s sake zip up your fly, Boston Guy Fawkes dude.)



Here is the supreme sacrifice — a social justice warrior throws his bike at the fascist troops. Oh, wait, it’s someone else’s bike.


Is this her natural expression?


Jared is cool as a cucumber in our Uncle Sam formal outfit ($2695 at Neiman Marcus)


Dear Progressives: This is why you lost. Nobody likes being harangued — especially through a bullhorn.


Not for nothing, but if you spoke English your sign might be a little more effective.


I guess they were all out of Pol Pot hoodies


Cher said she was moving to Jupiter, but here she is, looking like Michael Jackson — which pretty much amounts to the same thing.


So what do you want? An award?


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