Father’s Day grinds along

Father’s Day grinds along



A half-nekkid stripper is enjoying a smoke in her dressing room when a fat cannibal nerd invades her privacy and starts smacking her around.

Annoyed, she sets about him with a chainsaw.

Alas, the nerd wrests it from her and…

What does this have to do with the plot of Father’s Day? Beats me.

The flick is an artsy homage to 1970s grindhouse exploitation films and is supposed to be funny.

Mostly it’s confusing.

Heavy gross-out factor, including but limited to: anal rape, penis-eating, entrail-eating, non-medical crowbar removal, DIY circumcision (I think).

Half a dozen of the most unerotic breasts in sleaze film history.

Multiple flashbacks, for extra confusion.

Presented as a late night movie on a UHF station, with exciting scenes from the other late night flicks, which is sort of clever.

On the DVD you have to fight your way past the Troma Team introduction. There’s a four-disc version, which is four too many, and a one-disc version, which appears to have been burned by someone in a basement. Buyer beware.

So on one hand there are all the elements that make for a good exploitation flick, and on the other hand there is the undeniable fact that the flick sucks.

Worth a look if it doesn’t cost anything and you’re not expecting anything. Two coils.





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